I’m photographer currently based in Köln (Germany). Coming from a philosophy and social anthropology background, my main interests in photography are quasi ethnographic, though I end up doing a lot of portraiture, fashion campaigns and architecture photography.

I am part of Kunstraum K5 and my more artistic projects are presented there and sometimes in other exhibitions elsewhere, but my main work is for editorials and documentary projects, published in books and magazines. Please contact me directly about assignments or any prints or images you’d like to acquire. I’m available for editorial and other work worldwide (mostly).






TagNacht (Köln) Centropa (Vienna)
Adi Alia (Bangkok) JewishGen (New York)
StadtRevue (Köln) LTP Publishing (Oradea)
Zwei Grad (Köln) ASEE Adrian Sabau (Oradea)
Reut Shemesh Choreography (Köln) Rapido (Köln)
Metzger & Marie (Köln) JJ & The Acoustic Machine (Köln)
Salon Zwei (Köln) LeBloc (Köln)
Manfred Wegner (Köln) Studio Peinemann (Köln)
Monsieur Courbet (Köln) Magasin2 (Köln)
Magasin Populaire (Köln) Claims Conference (New York)
Campact (Germany) Anne Frank Zentrum (Berlin)
Jüdische Allgemeine
“Liquescens” – solo exhibition.
Patosoffiranje, Smederevo 2015.
web examples: